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Interculture Education and Peaceful Living Together Training for Ethnic Students

Interculture Education for Peaceful Living Together Training for Ethnic Students
On May 11th 2012, TPC (Teacher Preparation Center) students had Inter-Cultural Education for Peaceful Living Together (ICE-PLT) training. The training was organized by Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation (PCF) with the Intercultural Education Working Group from its partner organizations (Indigenous Knowledge and Peoples Foundation (IKAP) Inter-Mountain Peoples’ Education and Cultures in Thailand Association (IMPECT), Foundation for Applied Linguistics (FAL) and the Life Skills Development Foundation (TLSDF).

The objective of the ICE-PLT training is to promote intercultural understanding through a range of empowerment activities. The development of one's self perception, self- awareness, self- esteem and self- confidence lead to the main goal of peaceful living together which is in turn improves acceptance and respect for diversity and differences while decreasing conflicts and misunderstanding.

PCF representative  Su or Naw Mu YehPae, said, "The purpose of this training is to provide a learning exchange space for participants  as well as for ICE-PLT facilitators from different ethnic groups.  The facilitators graduated from PCF’s 9 months ICE program course called “Empower” and they are also from different ethnic groups and are from different organizations from PCF partners in Thailand.  Both the facilitators and student participants will learn from each other throughout the process. The activities will facilitate learning about who they are, and to learn about others, and to respect each other; a time for self-reflection, discovery and understanding of the “I”, as well as being aware, understanding, respecting, learning from others, appreciation of the “you”. This will contribute to promoting peaceful living together among all groups in a multi-ethnic society at large.”  Finally, “this fosters opportunity for a forward looking to a common well-being future”, she added.

TPC Naga student HtungeMangray from Naga said, "I am very happy learning among the different ethnic groups and I feel like I have much to learn from so many people’s perspectives and ideas during the training. Also, I can gain from the learning process and I am very pleased to attend this workshop at the beginning of the school year.
There are 72 TPC students from 12 ethnic including Karen, Shan, Mon, Kachin, Burman, Kayan, Ta'ang, Lahu, Pa-ao, Kayah, Karenni and Naga. The ICE/PLT training will be completed on the 15th June 2012.

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