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The Ethnic MTTs Return from Field Trip

On June 11th, 2012 Eastern Burma Ethnic MTTs (Mobile Teacher Trainers) returned from their Summer Vocation Training.  Before preparing for their second round of training each MTT has an opportunity to present information from their training and discuss strengths, weakness and beneficiation.  This is also a time to discuss problems specific to the local community as well as teacher wishes for future trainings.  

During the presentation the Shan MTT Thara Sai Nung Leang said, "This was my first training and I have seen that many of the local community leaders and the local authority participated well, so it's a positive sign. Moreover, when I gave the training there were so many teachers, more than I had expected. So, it made me feel very confident to continue my work for the future."

The main purpose of the MTTs meeting together is to discuss strengths and weaknesses.  However this provides a great opportunity to share information about the education situation across all ethnic areas. While they are gathered together they complete trainings as well on topics such as working together with the community and teachers effectively and various kinds of teaching skills.  The final task is to collect and prepare school profiles to better monitor and understand problems that arise in the future. 

Ethnic MTT coordinator, Thara Scott, while encouraging the ethnic MTTs, said, "The most important aspect of our work is communication. If we are able to communicate clearly, we will know the situation in each other's areas well. We are in the same group. We need to educate, support and advise each other to best develop education across Eastern Burma."

All the members of the MTT team graduated from the TPC (Teacher Preparation Center) school. In the 2012-13 academic 9 students went on to become MTTs with 3 Shan, 2 Kayan, 2 Karenni and 2 Ta An representing their areas. When their work is finished they will immediately begin work collecting information and preparing for their second training assignment which will begin in the first week of July.
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