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Karenni Education Graguated to 6th 3rd Standard System

In the 2012-13 academic year, the Karenni Education Department will begin including 6th, and 3rd standards system as part of its education system. Those standards will begin on primary standard such as in primary level 1st to 6th standards, secondary level 7th to 9th standards and the high level 10th to 12th standards of the karenni education system.
Thara John Paul, a member of the Karenni Education Department and new Karenni Mobile Teacher Trainer part of the Eastern Burma Community Schooling project, explained that, "The purpose for the Karenni Education Department to extend our system to 11 standards is to provide Karenni youth with the chance to access education in their own communities in Karenni State and so not to have to come to refugee camps in Thailand for the chance where they would lose connection and participation with their communities.”
The curriculum is a combination of the Karenni Education Department and of the Burmese government curricula. The responsibility for curricula choice will largely fall on local responsible persons and teachers who will decide which elements of each curriculum will be the most beneficial for student learning.
 Tharamu Hser Ku who also works as a Karenni Mobile Teacher Trainer said that, "This decision was made by the Karenni Education Department and by the Karenni District 2 leader P'doh Pa Moo and his members. They always support the Karenni education system encourage its development towards higher levels."
In the three Karenni districts, there are currently 460 primary schools, 33 middle schools, and 12 high schools.   In these schools, there are 1677 teachers and 50351 students.
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