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2nd TPC Opening Ceremony

TPC Opening Ceremony
On June 8th, 2012 at 9Am the TPC (Teacher Preparation Center) school opening ceremony took place on the Thai - Burma border in Mae Sot. During the opening ceremony, there were various organizations representative from inside Burma and Migrant areas. Leaders and senior TPC students gave encouragement to the new students. 
The senior student Thara Uki , a Kayan representative, when he encouraging to the newly students said, "among in the different ethnic groups it's very hard to make very close friends because there are many different things between  ethnic groups regarding  culture: their style of living, their activities and their languages, so all of you will find it difficult for the first time but, to be friendly while you are learning in the same place at TPC you need to be very patient and try to understand each other and be friendly and to be very helpful in your study. I'm sure, it's need to be take time before you get to know them very well"

The main purpose of the TPC is that , after the  students have completely finished TPC school, they will be very useful for their own ethnic group, their own community and their people. More over there were lots of new different ethnic students showing their own traditional songs and their activities during the opening ceremony.

Mit Mo Den Chan, a representative of the Mon ethnicity said, "This is my first time that I have had a chance to learn among the large different ethnic groups like this. The most beautiful colors among the different ethnic groups are making me more understanding of the different ethnicity." "The most important things that I really want to learn from them are their skills and their own experiences as I'm a new student and at the same time I will also exchange my own too as much as possible while we are in TPC school." she added.

TPC School was established in 2011 and It has already run for one year. According to the last 2011-12 there were 39 students graduated from TPC. In 2012-13 academic year the ethnic groups that will learn at the TPC School are ; Pwo Karen, Sgaw Karen, Karenni, Kayan, Kachin, Mon, Burmese, La Hu, P'laung, Pa Oh, Shan, Na Ga and representatives of  Burmese migrant workers. All together there are 72 students including 5 full time teachers.

There were more than 100 people who participanted in the opening ceremony of the TPC including the educational representatives , the teachers and students
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2nd TPC Opening Ceremony

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