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TPC 2nd Graduation Ceremony

TPC 2nd Graduation Ceremony
A group photo of 2012-2013 Graduates at Teacher Preparation Center (TPC)
Teacher Preparation Center (TPC) held the 2nd graduation on 26th February in Mae Pa, Mae Sot. In this ceremony, 68 teachers graduated and are now ready to serve as teachers in their areas. Representatives from a range of ethnic groups such as Karen, Mon, Burman, Pa-oh, Ta'ang, Shan, Kayan, Lahu, Karenni, Kachin and Naga attended the ceremony and a Minister from Ministry of Education (MoE) also joined the ceremony.

Mi Non De Chan, a Mon graduate said, "Today is the most exciting and happiest day for me, but at the same time I feel sorry to be apart with all my classmates with whom I stayed with for 9 months. At the same time I am looking forward sharing the knowledge and skills I gained at TPC to my community."

Nang Phyu Phyu Aye, a Shan graduate said, "I never thought that I would receive such a valuable honor in my life and the feeling is similar to graduation from a university– so, i finally
made it! I am also ready for the heavy duty is waiting for me ahead."
TPC school is jointly organized by KTWG (Karen Teacher Working Group) and WE (World Education).

If new students want to join the school they will need a recommendation letter of an organization or a leader and one year of community service is preferable.  Next year, Chin group will join TPC school.

For coming students Nang Phyu Phyu Aye added, "I want to pass the information to the coming students that gaining education is not easy, there are challenges on the way to gain. The hardship can be at home, at work or anywhere but it makes a difference when you take an effort to overcome those challenges to reach our goals so that you turn them into successes". 
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