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Project members' visits to Summer Vacation Workshops in Burma

Three members from EBCS visited summer vacation workshops in EBCS project areas.
From March to May, current Moblie Teacher Trainers (MTT)s and  graduates from Teacher Preparation Center (TPC) delivered 23 Summer Vacation Trainings (SVT) in 7 different ethnic areas with the supervision of their mother organizations leaders. Those SVTs were aimed to provide technical assistance and promote in-service local teachers’ teaching skills during summer break, and to equip local people who have potentials and interests to become teachers in their community schools. 

When I attend this training, I see that the training is very helpful for my teaching and I understand more about how to plan my lesson to motive my students. In the part, I didn’t know how to do a daily lesson and how do guide the students. I also used stick to punish my students when they didn’t do their homework or didn’t follow the rules. I was so angry when they couldn’t answer the exam and I just blamed them that they didn’t try hard. However, I can realize myself that punishing students is not a correct way and I understand more about the meaning of quantity and quality while I attend the training. I understand that doing lesson plan for each day is very important for the class to manage my teaching well. I know how to do an active lesson plan and I understand it more while the trainer give a chance to practice it in the practical field.
The trainings covered the following topics for teaching and learning: Teaching Methodologies, Classroom Management, Lesson Planning, Learning Assessment, Learning Framework, Learning Process, Learning Styles, Questioning Skills, Qualities of Effective Teachers, Child Development and Psychology, Critical Thinking, Educational Leadership, Six Thinking skills. Furthermore, additional topics such as Child rights, Human Rights, Agricultural Basic Health Training were given especially during evening sessions.

A member of EBCS asked one participants in Kayan SVT training, “What would you like to suggest for the coming year SVT from your experience of applying skills and knowledge in your teaching?”  She suggested, “It would be better to focus more on practical learning rather than theories because local teachers like me need more practical learning and teaching styles. Also, during the training, I would like to recommend doing more activities because they are simply useful for us and for students”. 

Finally, she said, “I really appreciate last SVT and I would like to give a special thanks to supporters, organizers, leaders, trainers and everybody who initiates and implements SVT. I request to those people to support our areas and teachers more in the coming year.”

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