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Opening Ceremony of TPC Dormitory with Global Neighbors

Opening Ceremony of TPC Dormitory with Global Neighbors
On the evening of November 18th, TPC students, teachers, and Canadian donors from Global Neighbors gathered and held an opening ceremony for the newly built dormitories, funded by Global Neighbors. Global Neighbors is a Canadian church group who donate school materials, clothes, medical equipment, food, bicycles etc.
Mr Dave, the founder of Global Neighbors, opened the ceremony at 6pm. He then invited Joe (one of the Global Neighbors donors) to speak. Joe gave some background as to where they had come from and expressed the groups’ satisfaction and happiness in being able to support TPC students. He encouraged the TPC students to maintain their motivation and continue working hard right until the end of the school year. Then, Mr. Dave invited two representatives from Global Neighbors to cut the ribbons together with some female TPC students.
After the formal opening ceremony, the students entertained the audience with ethnic songs and dances. A number of the visitors joined in the dancing so the ceremony was lively and relaxed. Then the Global Neighbors sang an English song and a French action song. Brian, who is also from Global Neighbors, sang a Karen song with a Karen student from TPC. All the people at the ceremony applauded them, as it was an amazing and delightful performance.
Around 7pm, Mr. Dave gave a closing speech and he said, “I and the Global Neighbors group are delighted to have been able to participate in this wonderful ceremony”. Then he invited everyone to the soccer field in front of the new dormitories to watch fireworks and shoot balloons together. Everyone was very excited by the fireworks and twelve different groups each raised a balloon. Everyone had a fantastic time and the Global Neighbors group thoroughly enjoyed the ceremony.
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2nd TPC Opening Ceremony

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