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Children Should Use Computer an Hour Per Day

Children Should Use Computer an Hour Per Day

Children between 10 and 15 years old are suffering from visual impair due to overuse of computers. Thai specialist ophthalmologist warned symptoms of these side effects were pain in big frontal bones above eyes, coma, dizziness, headaches, blurred visions, and also necks and spinal stiffness.

Dr. Thawonnawonton Guraiwon from Faranan Kalaung Hospital addressed that children are using computers for long hours, and also internets with devices such as smart phones and tablets.

Furthermore, neck pain, backaches and headaches are common suffering because of overly using computers. Due to looking at computers and smart phones screen for hours, one can suffer from long-sightedness, pain in iris, and blurred vision.

Moreover, for social relations and discussion time among family members becomes less, children become short-tempered and they have more distracted behaviors.

“Children should be allowed to use computer an hour per day”, said the specialist.  And they shouldn’t use computer in the dark rooms. They should use computer from a meter distance from the computer screen, the specialist suggested.
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