Our vision


Eastern Burma Community Schooling Project's vision is:
Locally owned and administered education systems in indigenous areas of Myanmar ensuring quality and inclusive basic education for all while promoting peace and cooperation among all Peoples in Myanmar. 


EBCS's Mission is to provide situationally relevant and culturally based teacher training, focusing on mother tongue based multilingual education in order to improve the quality of and access to education for Myanmar's indigenous children  


To increase access to education in remote ethnic areas by increasing the number of teachers available to teach
  • To improve the quality of education being provided to children by training and supporting teachers with student-centered democratic teaching methods
  • To create and promote dialogue platforms amongst ethnic education actors and other stakeholders (CBOs, NGOs and both sides of the border and education authorities within Myanmar) to enhance cooperation
  • To strengthen the current existing ethnic education systems and engage them to the different levels in the country

Core Project Activities

  • Intensive teacher training workshops across project area from March to May 
  • In-service teacher training and professional development through mobile cycle 
  • School Management and Headmaster capacity development 
  • Parent education awareness raising and mobilizing 
  • Indigenous network building and advocacy with government 


2nd TPC Opening Ceremony

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Eastern Burma Community Schooling Project ( July 25th ,2012 )